Cassis and the callanques

Thursday morning, students met early in front of Lycée Georges Duby to leave for Cassis. After a bus ride, we arrived in the beautiful port town, where we took a quick train to get close to the beach. After a quick swim, we took a boat ride along the callanques (fjords) in the limestone cliffs and old quarries. Cliffs were up to 800 feet high and the water was clear blue, almost turquoise! Exploring the callanques, we went past the island where Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s (author of The Little Prince) plane was recently found, after having disappeared in 1944 flying on a mission during World War II.

After the boat ride, we went to the beach, where we had a picnic, went in the water, and enjoyed the sun!

Students with their hosts in front of the school before getting on the bus
The group in the port of Cassis
View of the port of Cassis from the boat
Phie Jacobs ‘18, Nora Brown ‘19, Estelle Luong ‘19, Theo Haviland ‘19 and Aidan McAnena ‘18 on the boat
Jason Goldsmith ’18, Adam Naddaff-Slocum ’18, Theo Haviland ’19 and Aidan McAnena ’18 on the boat
Maren Durant ’19 and Nora Brown ’19 on the boat
Sara Stephenson ’18 steering the boat