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The Road Home

Providing a Voice for the Unhoused

The Homeless Youth Forum of Los Angeles (HYFLA) and the Lived Experience Advisory Board (LEAB) have recently undergone program updates and team growth to continue their work providing strategic recommendations to LAHSA and its partners on the design, management, and evaluation of the Los Angeles Continuum of Care.

HYFLA works to address youth homelessness in Los Angeles County by providing the perspective of youths who experienced homelessness to LAHSA on program development, policy, and program and system performance evaluation.

HYFLA’s recent updates have included:

HYFLA is still looking for new members, if you would like to join you can apply at the following link:

LEAB seeks to use the unique voice of those with lived experience of homelessness to provide advice and counsel to LAHSA and its partners in support of efforts to end homelessness.

LEAB’s updates have included:

Both HYFLA and LEAB are bringing more people with lived experiences to the table to build equity in LAHSA’s decision-making and ensure the unique voices of those with lived experiences are heard and incorporated in addressing homelessness.



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