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Rehousing LA in 2021: LAHSA’s Year in Review

Many of us hoped, at the start of 2021, that we would see a new light at the end of the tunnel of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, we’ve seen the pandemic continue to unwind, and have borne the brunt of the resulting economic and social fall-outs. 2021 also saw other major events, such as the establishment of a new presidential administration and sustained and increased focus on civil rights and social justice issues. Throughout it all, the LAHSA team and our partners worked to continue strengthening our homeless service system, rehoused tens of thousands of Angelenos, and provided care and services to tens of thousands more.

In 2021, LAHSA…

launched our first-ever Town Hall series on the state of homelessness. More than 1,300 people attended our first State of Homelessness Town Hall in March. We released data about the rehousing system’s progress of housing over 65,000 people over the last three years. Despite the efforts of the rehousing system, we must invest in systems for prevention and housing to truly end homelessness in our region. We are especially grateful for the Los Angeles Times’ coverage of the ongoing challenges we face. Editorial board member Carla Hall’s video op-ed for Spectrum 1 provides a cogent summary of our situation.

provided faster access to permanent housing with the launch of the Universal Housing Application. The application removes barriers on the path to permanent housing by consolidating 15 different paper housing applications into one digital application and can shave up to 30 days off the application process.

offered a blueprint for addressing street encampments through our Best Practices Report. Grounded in five fundamental principles, the Best Practices Report provides guidance for balancing the need for location-specific outreach with the importance of a regional, trauma-informed approach to unsheltered homelessness that places people on the path to a stable, permanent home. Read more about how to best address street encampments on our blog.

secured $15 million in federal funds to end youth homelessness. Through a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant, we are making a significant and ongoing investment for youth experiencing homelessness across our system. The funding will support new and existing programs to bring thousands of youth home.

brought 80 veterans inside from the encampment on Veteran’s Row. Our outreach teams helped shelter and house more than 80 people from the encampment near the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs complex in a collaborative and multi-agency effort. We credit the success of our outreach efforts to our Best Practices for Addressing Street Encampments.

We’ll know more about the total impact of LAHSA and our homeless services system as our 2021 rehousing numbers come out as part of the State of Homelessness Parts I and II, to be held in March and June 2022 (and which will include the results of our January 2022 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count — join us!). Until then and beyond, we will continue to clear away obstacles to ending homelessness, neighbor by neighbor, and system-wide. We thank you for continuing to follow this issue along with us. We wish everyone in Los Angeles a safe and healthy holiday and New Year, and a safe and healthy home as soon as we can make it happen, all as one.



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