Rehousing LA Website Updated to Dive Deep Into How LAHSA Addresses Homelessness

LA Homeless Services Authority
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2 min readApr 9, 2024


The updated Rehousing.LA website is showing how new smart, dedicated leaders across Los Angeles County are improving how we deliver services to get people off the streets and on a path home faster.

The update features work that LAHSA and its partners are doing to make substantial changes to the rehousing system with the aim of finding new ways to house people.

The website highlights LAHSA’s expansion into master leasing — in which LAHSA leases entire apartment buildings to sub-lease those units to people experiencing homelessness and streamline the lease-up process. In the past, that process took 120 days, and today it takes about 45 days, but the goal is to get that process down to 15-to-30 days. With master leasing, it can be even faster!

Another way that LAHSA is working to cut red tape is with its Multi-Departmental Crisis Response Team, which aims to speed up the process of getting people from the street into interim housing. The team works to ensure our City and County efforts are aligned and achieve our shared goals.

In 2022, moving from the street into interim housing took about 110 days after first contact with outreach teams, but that time was cut by 45% in 2023, decreasing to 61 days.

The third major update focuses on the connections housing navigators make between landlords and potential tenants. The process of moving folks off the streets and into housing can be difficult due to the deep trauma they may have experienced and past system failures.

The Rehousing.LA website helps illustrate some of the changes LAHSA has made to address homelessness better. LAHSA is working continuously to rehouse people who have fallen into homelessness as well as to prevent them from falling in to begin with.

For more information, visit the website here.