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Strategic Plan Helps LAHSA House People Faster

LAHSA’s new strategic plan sets a framework to house people faster. It also defines LAHSA’s core purpose of serving as the backbone of LA’s regional rehousing system. Over the past year, LAHSA engaged Clutch Consulting, one of the nation’s leading experts on homeless service systems, to develop this plan.

LAHSA was established in 1993 to administer grants to service providers. Once Measure H passed, LAHSA’s role quickly evolved from grant administrator to system administrator. With the massive infusion of resources, LAHSA has grown in both size and scope.

LA Homeless Response System

LA’s homeless response system consists of four parts, and LAHSA has a distinct role in each.

LAHSA’s Role as System Administrator

In its role as system administrator, LAHSA will bring together the talents and expertise of other governmental agencies, homeless service providers, and philanthropy to address some of the biggest challenges facing the rehousing service system.

New Model Already at Work

LAHSA has already begun the implementation of the new operational model from the strategic plan. By stepping further into the role of system administrator, LAHSA has brought together key government agencies and its non-profit service providers to implement critical programs successfully.

  • Housing Central Command is moving the rehousing services system towards real-time operational awareness over the entire permanent supportive housing portfolio, for the first time. This real-time data will enable LAHSA and its partners to house people experiencing homelessness more quickly and efficiently than ever before. In the future, this command model will extend to all housing interventions.
  • Project Roomkey, a core part of COVID-19 response, is also a demonstration of this new operating model in action. L.A. moved thousands of people into shelter faster than ever through a unified command structure managed across governmental entities.

Next steps

In the coming weeks and months, LAHSA will:

  • Continue its reorganization to establish these goals
  • Create a detailed system management structure
  • Set 2020 Rehousing System Targets
  • Develop a plan to administer toward those targets.

As demonstrated in the past few months, this framework is improving the speed and effectiveness of our homeless services system. It will continue to optimize performance and ultimately prevent and end homelessness faster for even more Angelenos.



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