One Person’s Story About the Republican Healthcare Cuts Bill

this is me & i need your help.

Dear Mitch McConnell, et. al.,

I have a debilitating panic disorder. I’ve had occasions where I could not leave my house, could not use public transportation, could not sleep properly for days at a time, and could not eat without being racked by fear. I went on medication for the disorder a number of years ago — and since then, I’ve had steady access to affordable medication through the ACA, at first through my parents’ healthcare plan, now through an employer plan that’s mandated by the ACA’s Essential Health Benefits requirement to cover medication at a fair price. Without my medication, I would not be employable. It is very likely I would be confined by agoraphobia to my home. I could not get through a day without multiple traumatizing panic attacks which have driven me to the brink of suicide in recent years. Thanks to affordable medication and therapy, I was able to claw myself back from the brink. Under Trumpcare, my stability is threatened.

The purpose of me sharing this story is to point out that while Trumpcare endangers many lives, it also endangers the quality of life, and employability, of millions of Americans like me, who are able to live productive and engaged lives because of affordable medication. Without affordable medication and therapy, my ability to support myself is jeopardized because of a condition I can’t control. I do not wish to become dependent on a shrinking state safety net, or on my family; I love the sense of purpose and financial independence my work affords me. But losing access to quality, affordable health insurance puts my quality of life at risk. Republicans champion self-sufficiency and independence, but I have only been able to achieve those thanks to mental health care.

By axing protections for people like me, Trumpcare will create millions of people whose ability to function, to be productive, to be creative, to be full citizens of this country, is annihilated by profit-motivated insurance companies. While mercy might be too much to expect, pragmatism surely may prove an argument in favor of keeping mental health care affordable and robust. For me, it will mean the difference between an existence riddled with pure agony, and a life worth living.

So please contact your senators about Trumpcare and let them know you want Americans like me to be able to continue living full, complete and healthy lives — not to mention the millions of others with much more at stake.