Why We Help Others

Benefits to working with Habitat For Humanity

A time of help. A time of need. Many people live the entirety of their lives needing the assistance of others just to get by. Families live paycheck to paycheck, or in some cases they do not have a paycheck to live with. Their kids never get new toys or toys in general for that fact. They may have never been on vacation or even had the time to enjoy themselves. They are living their whole lives struggling, grinding through life’s obstacles just to see the sunrise the next morning. They repeatedly seek help, but can never find a way to get it. This is a life that no one wants. A life filtered without happiness and with unimaginable amounts of stress. That is where the Habitat for Humanity comes into play.

They provide a roof over these families heads as well has appliances and beds for them to use. The only requirements are that these families bring in enough money a month to show they are not just receiving this gift for nothing. There mission is simple.

“Habitat for Humanity’s vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. We seek to put God’s love into action, by bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.”

Over the course of my first month at the University of Georgia, I would spend two hours a week helping build these homes with my classmates. In the past, I have done work very similar to this. For the past four years, I would travel to Memphis, Tennessee, and help rebuild roofs and decks for the underprivileged. During my time there, I always had a sense that what I was doing was as beneficial to me and it was to the homeowners. There is a feeling or you could say a reward, that comes from helping others. The only way I can describe it is with the word satisfaction. At the end of a good day’s work you feel energized despite how tired your body really is. This is because of the emotions you feel after doing something good. Athens’s Habitat for Humanity gave me the same feeling. Which surprised me. I only say this because I never met the future homeowners. Knowing the people you help is very helpful to feeling satisfied at the end of the day.

During my time with Habitat for Humanity I painted, laid concrete, and did decking. Although it was not the time of construction work I am used to I still performed efficiently. This work only lasted for two hours a week rather than the ten hours a day work I was expecting. Being that it was fairly easy in comparison, I gave it everything I had. I worked until the timer stopped. And, because of this, at the end of the day I was fulfilled. I was satisfied. Have you ever done volunteer work like this? If you have, do you do it often or would you do it again? Many people do.

“All who believe that everyone needs a decent, affordable place to live are welcome to help with the work, regardless of race, religion, age, gender, political views or any of the other distinctions that too often divide people.”

This program does not believe in separating people. They wish to bring people together in a positive and healthy manner. To create a lifestyle in which everyone can enjoy. This is why they are so successful. People participate in this experience like it were there job. They come and take time out of there day to help people they do not even know. That’s amazing. Things like this are what makes me love people. Humanity as a whole is as spectacular as it is scary, but it’s these things that truly stand out.

In addition to the year round workers there, two former high school graduates from Germany flew to Athens to help with this project. When I graduate from high school I spent my summer going to the lake with friends and playing video games at home. On the other hand, they decided to leave the country and come to the United States to help build houses for their summer. This is crazy. I personally would never be able to do that. The most I believe I could do is take that trip to Memphis every year that is only for a week and five hours away from my home.

Overall, Habitat for Humanity is filled with good people. Genuine people who care and what others to enjoy life. It is a beautiful initiative that I hope rubbed off on me. It’s a lifestyle that everyone should attempt to embody for their own personal gain. Because as the say goes, what goes around comes around.