Day 7: Using what we have learned

Ralph Wiggum perfectly sums up how I feel at the end of day 7. I have come a long way in what I’ve learned compared to before starting Galvanize, but my brain also feels too tired to even say the word “learning” correctly. I really enjoy the feeling of stretching my brain like this.

Today we all worked on the several different assignments we have been given either early this week or late last week. That means we spent pretty much the whole day writing functions that did certain things, writing statements that accessed crazy nested objects or arrays, or attempted to rewrite a bunch of the lodash library’s methods. It was an overall tiring but good day.

I’m learning the importance of working together with my cohort and instructors, and making sure I ask questions when I need to. It can be really easy to immerse myself in what I’m doing, and just try to figure it out on my own, when in reality sometimes all it takes is a different set of eyes on the issue to help see something simple! I love programming because it is really hard, and even harder to do it by yourself. The collaborative aspect is great, and I’m excited to grow in my collaborative programming skills.

Everyone in the cohort is working really hard, and I love it. It’s super motivating to see other people that want to learn this stuff as much as I do. It makes me even hungrier to learn, which is awesome and is a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time! Excited to get after it again tomorrow. Lodash here I come!