The Road to Hope
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The Road to Hope

The Road to Hope — Prologue

Kicking off a 5,000km road trip with a cinematographer and my two kids.


Four years ago, I did something a bit crazy. In the years since, I’ve had a lot of time to think about it, and the resulting artifacts are captured in words and pictures below.

My kids and I on a ridge overlooking the Peace Valley, slated to be inundated for the Site C dam

It all comes together

In order to make this work, I needed a “partner-in-crime” who could focus on capturing the visuals while I was driving, interviewing, and managing production duties — in addition to looking after my kids. I was funding this project out of my own pocket, in the hopes that I would be able to get enough material to pitch to funding agencies and complete the project at a later date, so we were working on a shoestring budget. One crew member was all I could afford.

Louis and my son in Hope, BC, standing in front of the “bus”


My preparation for our trip was three-pronged: to learn as much as I could about the local energy projects and where they were situated; to track down interesting and notable individuals to interview; and to plan our route and organize travel details, including securing the necessary equipment to capture our journey on video.

the Blackmagic Cinema camera



My journey across northern British Columbia with my two kids to learn about where our energy comes from and talk to some locals along the way.

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