Five Healthy Indian Breakfast You Need To Try This Week

It breaks your fast and rejuvenates your body with energy to keep going.

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Are you someone who skips breakfast regularly? Or are you always so late that you have to eat unhealthy snacks on your way to work? Well, it’s high time you should stop doing this.

Breakfast plays a pivotal role in our health, and it is known as the most ‘important’ meal for a reason. It breaks your fast and rejuvenates your body with energy to keep going. Besides, it kick-starts your metabolism and helps you focus more at work.

Importance of having healthy breakfast in the morning

Well, if you are still not convinced about having your breakfast before moving out of the door, here are few reasons that will convince you to stop missing out on it-

Lower the risk of diabetes.

Skipping breakfast can reduce your blood sugar level but increase it exponentially during lunch. Wonder why is it a bad thing? It’s because of the sudden hike in the sugar levels, leading to the restriction of insulin secretion, thereby causing type II diabetes.

Helps you maintain your body weight

Are you someone who is struggling to lose weight? Take a moment and think about it- do you overeat or munch on unhealthy snacks throughout the day? Now, it’s time to self evaluate-so think about it. Do you eat a wholesome meal in the morning? If not, start doing it. A balanced breakfast helps you avoid unnecessary munching and overeating, which helps you maintain your body weight.

Feeds you with essential vitamins and minerals

Breakfasts are rich in vitamins and minerals such as Calcium, folate, etc., that are essential for your body. Research states that people who tend to skip breakfast are more likely to miss out on the recommended dietary intakes of essential vitamins and minerals.

Gives you energy.

When you fast, your liver breaks down glycogen into glucose; however, when you fast for as long as 12 hours, your glycogen levels are low. So, our body utilizes fatty acids but the absence of carbohydrates causes partial oxidation, leading to low energy levels. A balanced breakfast gives you that energy push you require to stay active throughout the day.

Five healthy breakfast you need to try this week

Now that you are aware of the importance of breakfast, you might have a lot of questions.

“But we don’t have many options when it comes to Indian food.”

“ It takes a lot of time”.

Well, if these are some of the questions you have in your mind, I am here to burst the bubble. Healthy does not necessarily mean time-consuming. There are basic, easy-to-make items that are healthy and yummy at the same time. Here are some of the breakfast options that you don’t want to miss out-


What could be more versatile than poha that can be cooked in multiple ways? Not only this, it is rich in carbohydrates, packed with iron and fibers essential for your body. Besides, it is a good source of antioxidants and is gluten-free. If you want some protein, you can add legumes and peanuts to make it a wholesome meal. Said that, if you are allergic to gluten and are a heart patient, poha can be your morning savior.

Wonder how to make poha? Here is a quick recipe for you-

Take one and half cups of Poha and soak it in water for 5 mins. Make sure that you don’t keep it for too long to avoid mushy poha pieces. Wash it twice to remove dirt or impurities, if any! Add salt and keep it aside.

Meanwhile, heat your pan with half a tablespoon of oil and add mustard seed and cumin seed (3/4 teaspoon each) and let them sputter for a few minutes. Add chopped onion, chilies, and coriander leaves and saute it till the onions turn pink. Add softened poha and keep it on low flames for a few minutes. Cover the pan and stir in between to avoid burning. Add fried peanuts, and voila! Your poha is ready.


Wait! Don’t roll your eyes yet! It’s not the regular idli that you are bored of. It’s oats dosa- delicious yet healthy that will surely light up your day. The oat powder used is rich in protein and fiber that will give your morning the right start. And the best part? It can be customized according to your taste and can be served to everyone. What could be more delicious than oats idli that will spice up your mornings?


If you are not a great fan of poha served with chilies and oil or someone who prefers something sweet- this breakfast will be the best for you. Jalpaan, which means ‘breakfast’ in Assamese, is one of the healthiest breakfasts you can have. Personally, my favorite, Jolpaan, is made by soaking poha for a few minutes and rinsing it off. Once done, take it in a bowl and top it with one tablespoon of yogurt and two tablespoons of Jaggery. Remember, two tablespoons of Jaggery is enough if you prefer mild sweetness.

Yogurt is rich in probiotics that help in enhancing your gut and can be a useful source of protein in weight loss. Moreover, the antioxidants present in Jaggery prevent the release of free toxins, which causes aging. Jaggery cleanses out toxins from our bodies and acts as a detox for ourselves.

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana khichdi is one of those foods that I don’t get tired of eating. Here is the recipe that can make you fall in love with it-

Soak the sabudana( tapioca pearl) the night before- at least soak it for 5–6 hours to be on the safe side. Take a pan and heat oil in it in medium flames. Add cumin seeds and sizzle them for a while. Add the potatoes (make sure to cut them into small pieces) and cook for another five minutes. You can add raw peanuts if you wish and cook for another minute or two. Till then, drain the sabudana and mix it with salt to blend it well. Now cook this for a while till the sabudana is translucent, and don’t forget to stir in between. Once cooked, serve it with yogurt.

Sabudana is a carb-based food source that promotes bone health and reduces blood pressure. However, the glycaemic index of sabudana is high and is not recommended for diabetic people.

Paani Pitha

If you prefer salty over sweet, paani pitha will be your favorite. Pani pitha is common in Assam and is known for its health benefits. Mix one cup of wheat flour with salt to taste with one chopped onion(you can skip onions if you wish to). Now add water bit by bit to prepare a consistent batter. Heat a pan at medium flames and add half a teaspoon of mustard oil. Pour it using a scoop spoon and spread in a circular motion with the back of the scooping spoon. Cover it with a lid and heat it in medium flames. Flip the other side of the pitha and cook it properly. And you are done!


Breakfast should be fun, and there are several breakfasts out there that are easy to make and healthy. The breakfasts mentioned above can be made in 15–20 minutes, so if you are always late or are too lazy to cook, you can still get your bowl of health and nutrition. But, skipping breakfast is not recommended. Breakfast is the most important part of the meal, and you should figure out what food works best for you.



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