Ode to Alcohol

More Reasons to Curb or Quit

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JZapp here, I am the author of NINE books, I am a spiritual guide, conscious revolutionary & here on this planet to educate the population with TRUTH.

What is truth? Well, truth is an uninterrupted knowing of what is real. When you are a person who is tapped in, tuned in & turned on, you are a person who speaks only truth all the time. Not part time, but all the time. I speak from a cosmic standpoint & although my feelings are mixed in… TRUTH is the narrator.

I may be a proud, rough around the edges GenXer who has ridden bareback through the trenches of my generation with bells on, but I am no frivolous entity with a personal agenda. I am an evolved soul mindfully & deliberately making moves every single second to fortify cosmic consciousness in my peers. Enlightenment is my forte. Dig it, or don’t. I’m not here to convince, I am here to magnetize all who seek higher ground. Welcome to THE TRUTH PAGES. With no further ado…

We can all agree, that just about anything can be an ally if used in moderation & experimented with appropriately. It just depends on how you use it, how much & how often. Microdosing is an actual thing. But this article is not about that. The imbalanced state of things in a falsely conditioned culture has been caused by the opposite of moderation: excess. The normalization of alcohol overuse in our society has blown way past the point of no return.

I am here today to tell you that alcohol is not your friend. What a saucy subject though. If I could drink & smoke for the rest of my life, I totally would. Proper indulgence is like poetry…

Please present me with a magnificent handcrafted cocktail beaming with excellence sitting pretty on its square like a diamond so rare. Photo ready & fizzy just a bit, from the bold delivery, awaiting its first sip, like a schoolgirl & her first kiss, with an effervescent innocent bliss. Mixology is rich with the storied ambiance of an ancient triste, I would be remiss not to acknowledge its cultural dominance.

Slide me over a succulent sour… a frothy dark & dreamy stout, crack a Stella at the midnight hour, & pour me a pint of pumpkin ale before I’m out. Grace me with a half glass of an old vine Zin with long legs & a jammy glimmer, a snifter of bougie butterscotch bourbon, or a frosty Reposado with a citrusy sea salt shimmer.

Don’t get it twisted, I love the delicacies of the drink. I am an OG when it comes to taking it to the next level. I’ve been at the bar, behind the bar, on the bar.

I've successfully pulled it off more than I could mention. I am a bonified real-deal Gen-Xer. We know how to party, & aren’t afraid to keep it going. The dance floor is wide open, the shots are all around & the night never ends. Day drinking. Sunday Funday. Celebrations. Birthdays. Holidays. A long work week, a good grade, a sunny day, a rainy afternoon, a snowy evening. Reasons abound, to get down. And that’s why I have come to you today.

Let me start by saying that moderation is the key to rewarding consumption. As mentioned prior, microdosing can be an advantageous methodology.

However, when it comes to alcohol, we are dealing with an animal that gets a mind of its own, once shaken, once stirred. This animal steals your ability to tap into your soul properly. The cord gets kinked. The stream of cosmic consciousness right along with common sense, correct judgment, & even boundaries, flies right out the window with the inhibitions so famously noted across time. We may lose our inhibitions & feel freer, happier, more relaxed, or exhilarated… but this is a temporary advantage.

The buzz wears thin, the up comes down, the high becomes low…

The human brain & body begins working hard to compensate for the loss. It’s that simple. It takes time, energy, focus, resources, strategy, planning, motivational self-talk, pushing, prodding & sleep, lots of sleep & rest, lots of food & liquid… probably more than necessary & not always the most optimal choices.

The brain & body are now working in conjunction to get you back on track to where you were before your little bender, midday soiree or 5'oclock somewhere.

This takes extra gas & battery power & your soul takes a back seat to the show. Life feels a little tougher, heavier, & more of a drag during this phase & things don’t always add up, or fall into place. They fall apart instead, with you having to put things back together with your ambition barely in tow.

This is just an outer reflection of what your inner self is having to contend with upon many layers & levels.

Universal Law #3: The Law of Correspondence. The Law of Correspondence states that what happens around us, is a direct reflection of what is happening within us.

We experience on the outer plane what we are experiencing on the inner plane. Though unbeknownst to you at the time, your brain & body have to double down after a night or day of alcohol consumption, even on a small scale.

The question I have for you is… is it really worth it?

Believe it or not, you lose a piece of yourself each & every time. You get it back, but it never quite bounces back the same. As a result, you eventually become a living animation of these distorted pieces. Not to mention, they are working a little harder at life than they need to be. What’s worse, these distorted pieces will begin to break you down & accelerate the aging process. Ewe.

Lucky for us, the soul stays present no matter what we introduce to the brain & body.

Lucky for us, everything is reversible when working with Grace. The soul will save you from yourself if you so CHOOSE. The handy work of mind-altering substances pales in comparison to the Soul’s dream team of movers & shakers. All we have to do is ask. Like this: “Hey soul-self, can you please step forward & take the wheel? Love you! Thank you!”

Relying on little habits to cheer us up is normal & natural as humans.

We suck on candy, chew gum, grab an energy drink, a protein bar, turn on our favorite song du jour, play with our pets, get coffee from our favorite spot in the morning, go for a quick run between plans.

We rely on these habits to bring us joy, motivation, encouragement, satisfaction, wellness, peace, sanity, & wisdom. We need them to ground us, get us back on track, to keep our self-care in check, to remind us of the little things that make life precious & worth living.

An alcoholic beverage is not a giver. She is a taker. Repeat after me: “I AM ENOUGH!”

Stick with the habits that make you whole & happy without stealing pieces of you. You wouldn’t stay with a partner who made you feel amazing one minute & then shot you down to shit the next. Alcohol overuse is like a fleeting fling that leaves us feeling empty. It’s high time to get served on a deeper level.

It is almost 25 years into the 21st century & non-alcoholic beverages abound, ones that are just as artful, just as fantastic, just as buzzworthy as the OG’s of yesteryear. They will even give your brain & body a stimulus that matters, that lasts, that builds you up not breaks you down. Seek out THOSE.

Alcohol is not your friend, my friend, take it from the OG of the party scene…

The classy broad at the end of the bar sipping a dirty martini, the sweet gal pal sipping Trulys on the beach watching seagulls & waves lap. The wild girl at your wedding, the fun time downtown, the greatest wingman ever…

Take it from me, you don’t need to drink to have the time of your life over & over, to make memories, to blow up the scene with enthusiasm & grace, to express yourself, & meet people, to enjoy the moment & notice the magic. That’s just a rumor that everyone believes is true.

Fun is a state of mind. A buzz is a consciousness level. Raise your vibe & catch all the natural highs your soul has in store for you.

Drink consciously when you do or kick it to the curb “just for today”. It’s easy. Just make a choice & do it. I’m not gonna lie, it might feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar at first, but this too shall pass, & fuzzy feelings are just around the corner. Mark my words. Hang in there, family, give it a chance. You deserve better.

Cheers! To your good example of health, wellness, clarity, confidence, peace & joy, without all the drama! Show ’em how it’s done.

Disclaimer: The content here is not meant to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure conditions or disease. If you feel you need to consult a medical professional or healthcare provider for medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment due to alcoholism or addiction, please do so.

For the list of 72 celebrities I dug up who are currently Alcohol-Free (last time I checked), please visit: HERE

Stay tuned for the next installment of “The Truth Pages” where the TRUTH doesn’t care about your opinion.

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