People of Roam: Muriel Ighmouracène, 39, Paris

Picnic in the park, Sunday at Sayan community market.

A founding member, we first met Muriel in February, she was in Bali for the “Coworking Unconference” held in UBUD, it was also when we first opened our doors…

Recently, Muriel returned to Bali, with her daughter, Lilou — she is our first returning Roamer and we are so happy to have her with us for the next 2 months.

Lilou and Muriel working side by side…

What does Muriel do for a living? Owner of Paris’s first daycare friendly co-working space, Cowork Creche

What is Muriel working on in Bali? You can find Muriel in the co-work space in the mornings, coordinating with her team remotely, she is still working full time. The rest of the day? Well, you can catch M+L at a rooftop yoga class, swinging in the hammocks, the pool with our resident ‘floaties’ or adventuring around UBUD — they are off to spend 4 days at Green School Camp next week, located 10 minutes from Roam.

Why Roam, Bali? Muriel is here to find a balance in between her busy life in Paris and share her love for Bali with her daughter, Lilou.

Favourite space at Roam? The kitchen! When I first came it wasn’t quite finished yet, it’s beautiful and makes me feel so at home, especially with Lilou. ❤

Muriel’s words: “Roam co-living is a way of life for me.
I feel good when I’m surrounded by coworkers, makers, digital nomads from all the world. We share the same values, a positive mindset, an open mind, and a lot of enthusiasm. It feels good to share our stories and to explore a new country together while working together!”

Muriel’s favourite office chair

Muriel is one of the liveliest, brightest humans around, you’re guaranteed to have at least 5–10 serious belly laughs when she’s near and her story is one we can all take some inspiration from. ❤


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