What does the ROBLOX population adore?

On ROBLOX, taste in games has changed drastically over the years. Many genres have rose to popularity due to fads, and some have died out for that reason. I’ll be discussing the popularity of the most common game genres.

#1: Role-play

Roleplay is the king of every genre, because it contains every genre. Like how Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation calls herself queen of the gays. A majority of ROBLOX players may not even realize that the game they’re playing is a roleplay game. This is due to beliefs that roleplaying can only be identified by certain punctuation to specify actions. For example, one of the most popular games right now, Prison life. You can play as a guard or prisoner, hence the ROLE in PLAY. To define roleplay, see it as you’re playing in someone else with a different mindset.

#2: Hangouts

Many ROBLOX players have a hangout game in their player history. Hangouts are often used to host “parties” for sub-forms such as ROBLOX Talk, Off Topic, and All Things ROBLOX. They may give you the chance to “meet new friends and talk”, which would fulfill their original purpose. But, a majority of these games do not intend to have you meet new people, many just want money. Like Boys and Girls hangout by Dark 1020, or Town of ROBLOXIA by Julius Coles (before he was restricted). Both developers do it for the money, but constantly take credit for other peoples models and add them into their games, just to make it seem like they care about the people who play their games ever so often.

In my articles, I love to give out my opinion, to provoke a deeper understanding among other players who don’t seem to think much about this, so here goes that.

My opinion on role-play games has many different sides, and “depends”. Like I said before, roleplay games contain every genre there may be, so a game can be bad or good, but contain the same genre. I used to play mass amounts of After The Flash, a post-apocalyptic roleplaying game by ChadTheCreator. Personally, I loved that game considering it contained that post-apocalyptic genre that I absolutely adored! A small amount of these roleplay games have these amazing builds that are used to draw the player in, and show them the scenery. But then there’s the roleplay games like Work at a Pizza Place, but the games only exception is that customization is Dued1’s main goal, which is great. So yes, I love roleplay games very much.

In terms of hangouts, I love them too. Vintage hangouts like the (original) Iron Cafe, and the Teapot relations society cafe can identify as one of my many favorites. They’re great places to host forum parties, and really cope and have people accept them due to their vintage styles. Some hangout games have no builds or style. If you’re targeting the ideal of being able to keep players glued to your game, I’d suggest having a mini-game or purpose to keep them occupied while they talk to other people. You can draw in more people by showing off your builds in said hangout games, and that’ll give them the mindset that they can play a great, updated hangout game with their friends.

Overall, I seek variety and purpose, therefore I believe roleplay games are more adored than hangout games. But that’s my opinion out of 1 million concurrent players. So I ask, what’s yours?