That summer we packed up our Texas McMansion and moved to the northeast. I had flown into Kansas City and Detroit before, but flying into New York City is a different kind of experience. The island of Manhattan appears like an impossibly intricate toy city from above. I gazed out the window that evening, taking in the sight of millions of tiny lights outlining thousands of buildings.

For a short time we stayed in the midtown apartment Dad was renting while he started his new job. I fell in love with Manhattan immediately.

Everything seemed full of motion, light and life. It was all happening at a faster pace. Like the same number of events were being compressed into a smaller amount of time. The first night there I gazed out of the window of Dad’s apartment all night long. I was hypnotized watching the traffic pass in both directions without any break whatsoever. I wondered where all of those people were going. The hum of traffic sounds punctuated by horns continued all night long. Space and time seemed to follow different rules in New York City.

But it wasn’t only space and time following different rules. The money rules were also different.

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