Skywalker (First Night)


I sat on the leather couch in my basement/office, staring across the room at my packed bag as I reached for the black, plastic, child-safe container labeled “Skywalker OG.”

“Thank god for medical marijuana,” I prayed.

My wife and daughter were already in bed, Now all I had to do was get through the night. I ground up a big nug and sucked it into the vape. I took a few puffs and then I started experimenting with positions to see how I was most comfortable. Laying down in any position didn’t feel right. Sitting up was best. Gravity, or something.

I put one of the recent Mogwai albums on as I sat there (I always want to listen to Mogwai when I’m sick, except when I’m too sick, as discussed). Gazing into the vapors, I thought about how weird it was that my developing bowel obstruction was not actually because of my Crohn’s disease.

The first time it had been caused by my disease. But this time it was different. This time it was caused by the treatment. This episode was, spectacularly enough, because my symptoms were finally, after years, in remission.

I was on antibiotics to fight not one, but two different infections which each cause diarrhea in addition to the usual diarrhea caused by having active Crohn’s disease. In addition, I was taking a huge dose of prednisone to stop the inflammation in my intestinal tract.

And the treatment was working.