Too Busy, Too Dangerous


We were sitting on a little-used bridge over the Connecticut River smoking a bowl after paddling a few miles upstream. That was our routine. Get a workout in the boats then chill for a while and let the current carry us home.

We were right in the middle of the city but we were completely alone. Nobody used the waterfront, or any part of downtown Hartford after 5pm. I took in the sunset over the city skyline as I settled into my buzz.

I thought about whether I really wanted to give this up. Taking a job in New York would mean giving up the kayaks. I couldn’t see doing this on the Hudson River. Too busy and too dangerous.

And way too many cops.

In Hartford it was the perfect lifehack though. We kept the boats in a cheap storage-unit half a mile from the river. There was something about getting out on the water after staring at a computer screen all day. While working, the thing that I am looking at is never more than 18 inches from my face. After hours of that, being outside feels like a stretch for the eyes and the mind.

And we could still hit one of the bars downtown for happy hour if we wanted. Of course, taking a job at a bank would mean giving up marijuana, at least for a while.

I’d have to pee in a cup.

“CAPITALIST MOTHER FUCKERS!” I yelled off the bridge, shaking my fist.

Emily laughed.

I love it when she does that.

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