€ 20 Millions/year + new amazing features!

We’re delighted to announce that the Euro volume on The Rock Trading in the last year is greater than € 20 Millions! We’re growing fast, and we want to thank our customers. You can enjoy three days of (nearly) zero-fee trading — just 0.01% base fee, starting from now! Moreover, we’re giving away some The Rock gadgets, head up to our social accounts to discover what and how! You’ll find more informations on Facebook, Twitter and Bitcointalk.org.

Margin trading

We have received lots of requests about margin trading and leverage. We tend to follow our users’ requests, and we try to implement them, when we feel that they are right and useful. Because of that, following your feedback, we’ll provide 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x and 3x leverage on the BTC/EUR market. The feature is ready and available to some users in test-mode. Would you like to share some tips or suggestions about margin trading? Contact us!

Other news

In the last months we put The Rock under heavy development; a lot of new things are already available to our customers, and some will be available very soon!

We added TradingView charts, and you can now choose between three different chart providers (TradingView, Pizzacharts and TheRock). You can change wich charts are displayed on your trading pages by going to My Personal Data — Options. Now you can also switch to expert mode, if you’re tired of the alert messages and if you’re the one always sure about what will happen when certain orders are placed. To disable all alerts, head to your your Account Options. Lastly, you can now see inverted prices: go to the Exchange’s main page; when you hover your mouse over the values in bid and ask, you’ll see the price with base and quote currency swapped.