A new geode

We recently worked a lot under the hood to prepare for a new platform infrastructure.

The new one is expected to be able to handle load much better, without any software improvements (which we will keep to work on, obviously).

Today the move from the old infrastructure to the new one has been completed successfully.

Our response time was generally not better than 250ms and about 550ms on average, now it’s around 120ms average. Kudos to our internal team that worked on this.

Current response time with new platform

I am sure that by serving with much better response time, we will serve much more trading bots and traders as well, improving liquidity, spread and volume (the lifeblood of any exchange).

Official Android App

And while we are here, let me introduce our new official Android App:

(sorry for iOS users, but we will start from the other side of the moon :-)).

Try the new app: linked with new performances from our platform, we are sure you will enjoy a pleasant trading experience on our crypto markets.

Happy trading!