Do not keep funds on an exchange — be your own bank. The Rock Trading advises

It was announced today, 8th May 2019, that one of the largest crypto currency exchange suffered a huge security breach facing a loss of more than 7000 bitcoin. The exchange immediately recognized the breach and is already taking all the necessary measures in order to block fraudulent deposits.

Our huge experience in the crypto-sphere, we started trading back in June 2011, taught us to keep on advising our users to not leave funds on exchanges. We can’t stress enough the fact that an exchange is not a wallet and therefore a user should not keep funds if not only strictly for trading purposes. Moreover, we strongly recommend to enable all the available security measures such as — in our case — 2factory authentication, trading pin and withdrawal pin.

The Rock Trading will collaborate and take all necessary precautions in order to block fraudulent deposits coming from hackers’ addresses, in an effort to be of help in recovering lost funds.