Introducing Fastlane!

Since we launched The Rock Trading in 2007, we always listened to the ideas, feedback and suggestions coming from our customers. We are now rolling out a small change that will make buying Bitcoin (and other currencies) as simple as possible: Fastlane.

The Rock Trading already has many trader-oriented features: dark pools, margin trading, market, limit and conditional offers, GreenAddress’ Instant Deposits, Cryptocapital, Ripple transfers.. Now, we want to offer a tool also to our less-experienced users: buying Bitcoin should be easy! With Fastlane you don’t have to create orders, check the orderbook, compute how much Bitcoin you are willing to buy: just fill the “quantity” field (how much Euro do you want to convert?) and the “currency” field (Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum); we’ll do the rest!

The order is executed immediately; we do provide an estimate of the amount of Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum that you will receive, but keep in mind that market prices change quickly, and the execution price might be different than the estimate. Please check our updated fees.

As always: any feedback is welcome! You can contact us in several ways, through Facebook, Twitter, our support system or by email!