Oh my darling ETH …

It’s now clear to all that the infamous ETH fork is a complete mess (and kudos to Bitcoin developer for making their point to not move forward with contentious hard forks).

At therocktrading.com we made a clear choice to handle just one ‘ethereum’ chain: as I explained before, we are small and could not afford to follow, maintain, handle transactions and give support on yet another chain, even if we would have loved to. ETH seemed the dominant chain after the fork and so we stayed with that, even if our heart were towards ETC.

After a few days, it has became clear that ETC has its support, even if it is still way behind ETH in terms of hash rate, developers, companies supporting it and so on … This led to a couple of our users to ask for “their” ETC balances at TheRock (after the fork), and way way more non therock users to ask to “refund” ETC balances to our users.

I personally disagree that we “must refund” ETC balances: when you deposit something to an exchange, it’s no more your money; you are trusting the exchange which gives you IOUs basically of what you deposited. From a pure legal point of view, we are almost free to run away with your money.

Don’t worry, we haven’t done so since we were born as a virtual company in Second Life almost 10 years ago, we won’t run away with “your” money now or in the future.

Therefore, we will obviously give ETC to those users who held an ETH balance prefork at therock and will ask for them (providing informations on where to send them). Just be patient that we will handle each request manually.

At the end, thanks to the people who miss-handled this fork, we were forced to do what we were trying to avoid: mantaining two chains. For us it led to a big loss (think about hw resources and above all human resources used to take care of this), but for the community it was a much bigger loss.