The Rock Trading adds a dedicated desk for crypto traders working on larger amounts.

Our crypto fiat exchange is quite popular among the average crypto trader, but sometime there is the need for them too to trade large amounts out of the ordinary book. These higher volume trades are where our cryptocurrency brokerage service can become a better option.

With our cryptocurrency broker your funds are traded via a dealer network and is referred to as an over-the-counter (OTC) market. Our OTC desk finds sellers or buyers who individually hold large pools of crypto, and pair them for the sale. It ends up being more flexible and more convenient, with a settlement period that is generally faster. All the buyers and sellers will be KYC/AML compliant at maximum level and have their funds and coins deposited in TRT.

If you are trading institutional sizes (a minimum of 200k Eur or coin equivalent) slippage is avoided by everything being sold at the one rate. Our traders will find sellers or buyers who individually hold large amounts of crypto and pair them for the sale, so, for larger trades, the OTC desk provides a better price for all parties involved. Large sizes traders can reach peace of mind relating to one of the oldest Exchange working in the crypto space since June 2011.

You can customize your orders based on specific needs, the liquidity is provided by a large network of block trading partners and the desk is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (EU time) from Monday to Saturday.

You can relate to our traders using the following methods:

The desk offers an Escrow service. The Escrow service protects buyers and sellers by requiring funds and coins deposited upfront, a pre-matched trade can be settled via the exchange protecting buyers and sellers from scammers.

From now onwards family offices, High net worth Individuals, crypto funds, ICOs management Teams and even banks will have the opportunity to trade in a safe and professional environment with a “human touch”.