Announcing The 2016 Healthcare Is Social Award

We know medical school isn’t easy. It’s an uphill battle in undergraduate school to maintain the grades and references just to get into med school. Then once you’re in, it’s a flurry of new experiences, a massive learning curve and lots and lots of memorization.

Since launching The Clerks this month, we’ve seen hundreds of Canada’s top medical minds come together to form a community that will make those challenges less daunting.

And while clinical case sharing, class notes and what not can be helpful and useful at times, we believe it’s also important to remind each other that med school is a shared, even if specialized, experience.

That is why we have officially launched The 2016 Healthcare Is Social Award. The recipient is not the student who necessarily maintains the highest GPA, achieves top of class in lab work, or can memorize the highest number of mnemonics.

The recipient of The 2016 Healthcare Is Social Award will go to the student member on The Clerks who shares a story from their time in pre-med or med school that inspires The Clerks community.

Med school is challenging. Healthcare is social. The experience is inspiring. Let’s prove it.

For more on how to enter for The 2016 Healthcare Is Social Award, including rules and regulations, register for a verified account on The Clerks now. The Clerks is Canada’s only secure network exclusively for medical students.