BIG News! The Clerks launches across Canada as the country’s 1st social network for medical students

We’ve already given you a bit of a sneak peek at what’s been happening with our team at The Rounds in our last blog post. In case you missed it, it gave a small snapshot of some of the things medical students have been saying about the launch of The Clerks.

Well — The Clerks officially launched on Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 — and the response has been outstanding.

Here’s what you need to know about Canada’s 1st and only closed, secure network just for medical students.

  • The Clerks is fully HIPAA & PIPEDA compliant, just like The Rounds, meaning it is the safest and best option for medical students seeking to build a digital and online presence
  • Early adoption rates are high, with more than 13% of all eligible students signing up for early access during the first week of September
  • Students will be able to collaborate in real-time with any other registered student
  • To be a member on The Clerks, you must be a student currently enrolled in an English medical school in Canada and in good academic standing

The Chronicle Herald paints an excellent picture of how and why The Clerks was built.

And The Kingston Whig-Standard went into detail with some of the early adopters on The Clerks to find out how they envision the network evolving to suit their needs.

Michael Haley, Community Relations Co-ordinator for The Clerks and The Rounds works on the staging and demo site.

Stay tuned for more news and announcements about the launch and the (rapidly!) growing community of Canadian medical students on The Clerks.