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Aug 26, 2015 · 2 min read

Campuses across the country are brimming with activity and the excitement that comes with a new school year; but medical students in Canada are especially excited. This semester marks the first time Canadian medical students will have access to The Clerks — the country’s first ever social digital platform exclusively for medical students.

“I am excited about The Clerks launch because it will provide a opportunity to connect with other medical students across the country on a day-to-day basis,” says Kaylynn Purdy.

Purdy is entering her second year of studies in medicine at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. “We may all be attending separate schools, but ultimately we all have the same goal: to become doctors and serve our communities,” she says.

The Clerks is designed, owned and run by the same group that’s behind The Rounds — the successful start-up based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Rounds is Canada’s premiere network exclusively for physicians and sees thousands of clinical and education-based interactions among practicing doctors each month.

“The concept of sharing ideas, questions and experiences with similarly-minded individuals across the country is extremely exciting to me,” says second-year McGill MD/MBA candidate Daniel Peretz.

“Medicine is a unique discipline in that the interests of the individual students or partitioners can be significantly wide-ranging with little to no overlap. The launch of The Clerks will allow all students to connect with others who share similar areas of interest within medicine (or even outside of medicine), no matter how obscure the subject matter,” he says.

This new network, which is solely for those studying to become Canada’s next wave of physician care givers and researchers, offers the same functionality as The Rounds — but allows med students an environment in which they can interact with each other in real time, and across geographic barriers. The benefits of a med student only platform is that members are able to discuss everything from clinical cases to exam prep, residency applications and class projects or study groups.

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We’ll be releasing more info in the coming days and weeks and sharing more student stories as well. Stay tuned.

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Healthcare Is Social

Brought to you by The Rounds

The Rounds

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Canada's fastest-growing, HIPAA & PIPEDA-compliant, online network exclusively for physicians. #HealthcareIsSocial

Healthcare Is Social

Brought to you by The Rounds

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