The Future of Cancer in Canada | Infographic

The Canadian Cancer Society suggests the predictions for the future of cancer is daunting.

This infographic, compiled using information from the latest CCS release and created by The Rounds explains why.

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According to the Canadian Cancer Society, the number of cancer cases in Canada is expected to increase exponentially over the next 15 years. Their most recent report (released in May 2015) pegs the increase at about 40%, mostly due to an expected rise in colorectal and prostate cancers.

However, the numbers are largely based on an expected population increase in Canada of approximately 10 million people by the year 2030.

In all, the CCS says this is an opportunity to start focusing on developing stronger support systems for cancer patients, survivors and their families.

The Rounds created this infographic to explain the current situation in Canada vis a vis cancer and where what the Canadian Cancer Society expects to see in the next decade and a half.

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For a full list of recommendations and more information about the CCS report, click here.

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