Top #HashTags for Docs

Jun 30, 2015 · 2 min read

Looking for medical info while browsing Twitter? Not sure what hashtags to search?

Here are the RIGHT links to follow. Think we missed any important ones?Let us know in your comments!


This hashtag will get you involved in the conversations with all the active physician Twitter users!


Following this hashtag will give you tips and advice as a new physician. The knowledge and wisdom you can get from just ONE hashtag. Amazing.


This hashtag is the general tag line for FOAM:

Free Open Access Meducation — Medical education for anyone, anywhere, anytime. A great hashtag to stay up to date with.


This is FOAMS hashtag for Research and Literature Collated via @BrentThoma!


FOAM has a tag for Critical Care Community @FOAMcc!


This hashtag is for all FOAMers looking for information on Emergency medicine.


Toxicology Tagline for FOAM.


Ultrasound lessons Tagline from FOAM


This tagline is used to dedicate conversations to Pediatric EM and CC


This hashtag is a feed of Emergency Medicine Residency and Registrar Conferences/Lecture Series.


This hashtag also has a feed of academic activities from Internal Medicine residencies!


If you are a Canada doc this is a great hashtag to keep up with!


This is our hashtag — we are constantly tweeting out info that would be of interest to most physicians!

Healthcare Is Social

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    Healthcare Is Social

    Brought to you by The Rounds

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