Why it’s time physicians stopped fearing social media | #HealthcareIsSocial

It’s time to break the cycle of fear.

What does that mean?

It means, it’s time that healthcare practitioners and physicians stop shying away from the digital world and start embracing it — nay, evangelizing its myriad of benefits.

Why? Because at the end of the day, it will produce more connections to better information and experts that will ultimately result in better care for patients.

The pervasive culture of fear that exists is completely understandable, especially when it comes to medical doctors. Practicing physicians are bound by strict privacy rules, patient confidentiality requirements, and other ethical and employment-based considerations.


When it comes to real-time communication, physicians are one of the last professions to still rely on pagers, fax machines and email list serves to communicate with one another.


Neither of these forms of communication is secure, encrypted or, in a technical sense, private.

The result of these professional strictures is thousands of physicians signing up for traditional social media accounts (like Facebook and Twitter) and either

a) not using them,

b) not using them to their full potential or

c) being too afraid to interact lest they be professionally chastised or engage in an MD-faux-pas.

What’s the point in that? It’s unclear.

The only explanation is that, on the whole, physicians just need a little help to understand the alternatives and to overcome an ingrained fear of social media.

Over the past year or so, we’ve been seeing physicians adopt a more robust digital profile to help them ease their professional and clinical burdens. It’s a cautious move forward, but a move forward nonetheless. There is agreement that the sheer amount of information and potential for effective collaboration on the Internet is not something that can be ignored.

How can the digital transition for physicians be made easier? The answer is simple — we eliminate the fear.

Let’s imagine there’s a place where physicians connect and collaborate — in a digital environment that is secure, encrypted, and private — and where they can interact safely with each other about EVERYTHING.

There are no concerns about ethical or privacy breaches.

There are no concerns about inappropriate or ill-timed interactions between physicians and patients.

There are no worries that anyone who isn’t qualified will see what physicians are talking about.

Now — let us tell you THAT digital network exists. It exists and it’s called The Rounds.

The Rounds is a Canadian-based digital start-up company that has been built exclusively to serve Canada’s physician population and help them build a positive digital profile.

To be a member on The Rounds, you have to be verified as a practicing physician. Then, once you’re in — you can interact with as many other members, groups or topics as you like.

Every day, thousands of Canada’s best and brightest doctors are communicating in real-time using The Rounds.

They are breaking down the communication barriers that have built-up overtime in the healthcare industry. They are choosing to stand on the forefront of health communications.

The physicians who are on The Rounds have overcome fear and are committing to using the best digital tools available to improve their practice and bring their patients better outcomes.

Follow The Rounds on Twitter and Facebook and use the hashtag #HealthcareIsSocial

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