The Greatest Tool You Have

The strongest tool we all have at our disposal is our brain more specifically our mind. It’s the link between spiritual, physical, your health, and vitality. Your connection to the world.

How to use this resource has been the topic I have been obsessed with lately. I am not alone, thousands of enthusiasts write articles available all over the net.

Bottom line is you can use your thoughts for you or let them define you.

When you water your plants in a garden, they grow. Where you focus your attention is like watering your plants. If you are consistently telling yourself you are not good enough, well that plant is going to grow.

You also have a choice of what to believe. You have this powerful ability to actually decide which “story” your mind is telling you to listen to and believe.

You can either shape your mind or have others shape it for you.

Do you watch the news?

Do you listen to other people blindly?

What do you read?

What are those thoughts that you keep listening to?

Something that has helped me take control is to start with daily habits. You will notice they shape thoughts, identify them and help my vitality.

My latest kick, in habits ->

  1. Positive journaling each morning. First thing I do when I wake up. What I am happy about, what I am proud of, what I am committed to, who I love and what I am excited about.
  2. Meditate each week day. I started at 5 minutes and moved to 20 minutes, consistency is key. Doing a daily 5 minute meditation session got me into the habit.
  3. Some form of exercise each day, nothing too fancy. Yoga, a walk, a bike ride.
  4. Make my bed each morning.

Start with small habits and they will change the big picture. Shifting your mental mindset is so important.

Grow those plants!