“A Conservative is a Liberal Who’s Been Mugged.” — A Brief Response.

A friend of mine who leans conservative tagged me in a post whose title was a play on the old saying “A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.” Which is a clever rhetorical turn. I won’t deny that. But I will answer the premise seriously.

I had a friend from my church youth group days who married a man, a minister, who turned out to be a secret sociopath and he strangled her with a phone cord. When they finally convicted him, after years of complications with the evidence that were very painful for the family, and moved onto the sentencing phase, her parents went to the hearing and asked the judge to remove the death penalty from consideration. Because they were devout Christians and pro life — in the sense that they were anti-abortion and anti-death penalty — and their daughter had shared those convictions and, even in the face of this horror, they would not sacrifice those convictions.

If you can be mugged out of your convictions or your values, then you have no convictions and you have no values, because those are the things that are supposed to be left behind when everything else is taken from you.