Day 2

Intervals- 7.17 Miles(2 mile warm up, 3 miles of 400 Meters with 400 Meter jogging rest and 2 mile cool down)

This was a night run mostly comprised of three miles around the track. I had some work this morning so I decided to change it up and run at night. I am creature of habit. My habit is running in the morning. Typically I don’t like to take the chance that by the time I get home from the office I will have the energy to make my way out for a run, especially when it is after dark.

I decided to gamble and motivate myself that I would never mess around on day 2. I was extremely motivated at work today to get out so I was actually pretty productive and was home by 8:00 pm. I haven’t done intervals in a couple of a months so I was nervously excited. I convinced myself that running at night when the park is a little more full would make this a little more interesting.

400 meters around with 400 meters of rest in between. It was a muggy night but I was reminded that I need to find time to run at night more often. I went out at 8:30 pm so the sun was still barely out, setting behind the skyskapers on the other side of the East River. The heat and humidity are different at night as opposed to the morning. By the time I got to the track I had thin layer of sweat covering me and my muscles were loose. I took a moment and started. Lapping certain people and being lapped by others. I faded a bit down the stretch but I maintained a pretty good pace. I made my way back after 12 laps around the track. On my way back my legs felt loose and I had a little extra because I loved running towards the headlights that stared back at me, with the river on one side of the road and Hell’s Gate Bridge on the other.

The one thought that dominated both the warm up and the cool down runs is a reminder that the time in the morning may not be enough. My body feeds off being outside and exterting itself and 1 hour in the morning doesn’t balance out the ten hours on the subway and behind a computer screen. Its time to start finding the time to double dip. Time to start figuring out more ways to be outside, instead of treating it like a guilty pleasure.

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