Thirty Days

Day 31- Easy Run- 4.18 Miles*

Day 32- Tempo- 7.00 Miles**

Day 33- Easy Run- 6.09 Miles

I am sure there are a lot of things I have done thirty days in a row but none of them equate to running every day for thirty consecutive days. Running is a conscious activity that requires diligence, some sacrifice, a little insanity and a little bit of luck to stay healthy. Thirty days in a row has made me reflect on my Knausgardian routine of running.

I wake up each morning and slowly make my way from underneath my white comforter and white sheets, out of my bedroom over to the next room and into my kitchen. I have a nascar like routine of prepaing my morning coffee. I open the top of my coffee machine, scoop in the coffee beans into the stop compartment, put in a new coffee filter and fill the resevoir up to four and a half cups. Once I am done, I pause and think to myself if I did everything correctly and then I push the button and hear the whir of the beans being ground. Eventually that noise will stop and then the sound of the water heating and steeping through the the freshly ground coffee beans will begin. Next, I open the cabinet, take out the box of instant oatmeal, pour it into simple ivory bowl, top it with 2/3 of a cup of water and then I put the bowl in the microwave for 115 seconds.

Next I make sure the sink is clear from the night before and proceed with mixing my post run recovery drink. Eight ounces of water and two scoops of Recoverite make the perfect post running drink. I never bought into supplements until I did some reading and this stuff has been a god send (along with these RaceCaps). Once I put my drink in the fridge, I hear the beeps and my coffee and oatmeal are ready. I drizzle some honey on the oatmeal and mix it delicately. I take out a matching ivory coffee up pour my coffee and take a sip. I probably make that annoying sipping sound every once in a while. I carry the coffee and oatmeal back to my bedroom and plop in front of my laptop. I check what I have to do on my training plan and the next fifteen minutes revolve around eating oatmeal, drinking coffee and reading random things.

When I am done with my coffee, I strip out of my clothes, walk into my closet find the next pair of shorts in the pile in the corner and pull them on. I walk to the bathroom, brush my teeth and put my contacts in. I also put some balm on those areas that need it. I walk back into my bedroom where I unfurl my yoga mat and take out my form roller. I grab a singlet from the pile next to the shorts, pull it over my head. I step onto the yoga mat and sit down, pulling on my sneakers and then go into my forced stretching and rolling routine. Being 35 years old makes you appreciate recovery protein shakes and stretching because that helps fuel this habit.

When I am done, I strap the watch to my wrist and I head out the door, down the stairs and out of the front door. I stand on 21st Avenue for a moment, stare down to the cross street and check where the light is. I sync up the GPS on my watch and wait for the light to turn to clear my path through the intersection on Steinway. Once the light turns, I press the button on my watch and away I go. By the time I get back, I could have had a good run, a bad run or an okay run, it doesn’t make a different, I feel better walking back into my door. I strip my shirt off as soon as I walk in the door and drape it over my shower door. My next stop is for some of that delicious recovery drink and some water as a stand dripping in front of fridge.

After some stretching and planks, I head back to the coffee machine and finish off what is left in the pot as I play on the internet and try to map together my day. I grab my notebook and jot my observations or results or both from that morning. As soon as I finish my coffee, I make my way back into the bathroom and jump into the shower. I’ve done more than most people in my office will do by the end of the day and its 7:30 in the morning. But that isn’t what it is about. It is about the fact that its a reminder every morning that I am not trapped in an office, behind a desk and that I can find a little time to be human.

  • * Got to go out with my buddy Chris. Made it a real fun.
  • ** This was as good of a tempo run as I could have had. Hit my pacing perfectly.
  • Disclaimer I am not in any way providing anyone advice or training tips. There are a lot of better people that can do that a lot better than I can.