ANGIE | The Salvation Army taught me how to use my money wisely

Kathy Lovin
Jul 22, 2016 · 3 min read
Angie and her kids in Guam

“When I was on the island Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia I had my two kids, a boy and a girl.

I decided to move to Guam for my kid’s better education. When I came here to Guam we were jumping around in different houses.

I was almost like being homeless. Every day I prayed that I would find a way out pretty soon.

Then I met the friend that showed me The Salvation Army homeless shelter.

They allowed me to stay there for three months. When I was there I heard about The Salvation Army Family Services Center.”

Angie’s caseworker at the Family Services Center:
We provide rapid rehousing for families and individuals that have no home at all. We work with them to put them in a home.

The majority of the application is just the goals we want the family to identify.

A goal would be; I want to find a full time job; I want to finish high school; I want to go to college; I want to save that money, or; I want to have my own car. The goal is entirely up to the client.

They [Angie and her family] wanted to increase their income and save money so she would be able to be self-sufficient.

She was able to save money. She was able to say, ‘yes I can work extra hours,’ which she did.

She wanted her husband to find a job and the husband found two jobs.”

“Then, luckily at the end of the third month I was able to move in here. So everything I got, I got from God.

When I moved into my apartment that’s when The Salvation Army started helping me by paying my rent.

They hooked up my power and water and helped me with some stuff like food ’cause at the time, I couldn’t afford it.

I started saving money so that later on I can pay my own rent because I have at least some savings.”

Angie’s caseworker at the Family Services Center:
“This family was such a wonderful family. They were really, really one hundred percent responsible for the success they had in our program.

Yes, we were able to give them the tools but they’re the one that took the program and just did such amazing things. We are so proud of them.”

“I learned to work hard and stand on my own. The Salvation Army taught me how to use my money wisely.

If I hadn’t gone to The Salvation Army, I have no idea where I’d be.

Every day I pray for everything I need in my life, so everything I believe is just coming from God.”

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If you’d like to support The Salvation Army’s work in Guam by making a donation or starting a peer-to-peer fundraiser, click here.

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