In 2016 we were all witness to one of the most divisive times in recent memory. Many people whom are younger could only read about the times of hate and bitterness that have stained the history books of the United States. For many these times bring back to memory a time they were hoping to forget. When looking at the current state of affairs that we are facing this year it’s easy to be discouraged. The calendar has switched to a new year but hearts have remained the same. Many resolutions have been made but hearts still remain the same. Some have received gifts and good news while others have lost and received bad news. Throughout the good and the bad times, the abundance and the lack, the gain and the loss, people, and their hearts, have remained the same.

This outlook could seem to many as one of hopelessness — it is.

For so many years we have gone through the motions. We seem to be unmoved by the news or the hopelessness that our respective outlooks on life bring to us. The chaos of life added with the passing of time leaves us with calloused hearts undisturbed by the division of the status quo. But this post is not about telling you about what is. You have eyes and ears and no doubt a reasonable understanding of the times. What I seek to introduce to you today is a principle of Scripture — a spiritual law. Romans 5:14 tells us there was a time when death reigned. Much more than physical death this represents an attitude of hopelessness. Due to our sinful nature we are all born into a life that apart from God will leave us empty, broken and without hope. But what is great is that the Bible doesn’t stop there. In Romans 5:20 it also tells us that, “…where sin abounded, grace abounded much more…” 2016 may have a year where sin, darkness, hate and bitterness have abounded to great heights. Yet today we can have peace because the spiritual law tells us that the time is coming where grace (unmerited favor) will abound. How can grace overcome so much darkness? When each of us makes the small decisions each day to choose grace over hate. Put this year in the hands of Jesus and watch peace beat darkness.

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