A Cool Boss Can Make All The Difference In The World — Part Two

Dutch and Arthur. image courtesy of rockstar games.

About 2 years ago, I wrote an article about my then boss. You can read it here.

This one is sort of a related-but-unrelated sequel. It is still about my bossman. The current bossman. Its a different boss. Its a different project. I am still the same (slightly more skilled and older). As it was with the previous bossman, the current bossman has had a significant impact, in a good way, on me.

The conditions were just right for me to write this sequel.

The current boss, just like the last boss I wrote about, (and as I have mentioned in the previous blog post, majority of my bosses have been good to me), shares all the traits that I have extolled about my previous bosses. He does not argue with me, resolves problems amicably, understands me as a person, pays on time and so on and so forth.

Being a freelancer is never easy. I don't know when I am going to get my next pay-check. That puts a certain amount of fear in my heart. In a project as big as ours where there are dozens of stake holders, it is very hard to feel like an insider. I am sitting here, across two oceans away from my boss. On top of that, I am a free agent not tied to an employment contract. That means, going against the established players of the team, is a scary thought.

As far as I can remember, i have not been the kind of person who can keep his mouth shut. It has put me in a ton of trouble throughout my life. Like a rock that cannot change its shape, I kept speaking my mind out. I still do. During my formative years, it was a problem. Now though, it has become a beneficial career trait. People still hate it.

My bosses, and the current boss specifically, seem to like it. In fact, he encourages me to do so. By far, I think, that is what makes this guy a super cool dude to work with.

The other thing I like about this boss is how much he embraces a work-life balance. I recently wrote about my obsessive work disorder. Ever since I got mixed up with the current boss man, I am really beginning to take a breather between my work. I am reading even more books. I am going out a little more. Taking part in hobbies. I have spent more time with family in the last year than all the other years combined.

In all these months of working on this project, there has been exactly one instance of me working over a weekend, and crunch time. Even that one time, he left the decision to me. So yeah, I learnt the part about work-life balance from this person.

Then there are the funny bits. I understand that real life is super serious and all that. Yet, I think, there is room for humor and looking at the lighter side of things. This is not really required, of course. Bosses dont need to crack jokes or accept jokes or exchange movie suggestions. But, hello, this boss does!

I am constantly curious about everything around me, like, 24/7. When I have a bossman who comes from another country, the curiousity factor only gets higher. I get a ton of questions, and these questions usually have a cross-country, cross-culture levity attached to it. The boss man gets the levity part and takes my funny bits, adds his own funny bits, and we are both cracking each other up!

LOL! Those are the best parts of our work relationship. We are still doing heavy duty serious stuff, yeah. But, there is a lot of laugh out loud moments. When my involvement in this project eventually ends, I will remember the funny bits more than anything else.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that there are a lot of workers out there, not having the best of their times at their workplace. Usually they blame the boss. For me though, that has not been the case. Going all the way till my first job, 10 years ago. Both of my first bosses were super cool guys. And since then, I must have worked with more than 2 dozen bosses, and each of them have been super cool with me. There are times when I ended up with a bad boss at which point, I would get myself reassigned to a different team/project or simply leave the job/assignment. There is that too.

I will take this opportunity to thank this boss, and the other boss from the earlier blog post, and the many other bosses that have worked under for letting me have fun. Letting me work in my own style and allowing me to be myself.

Thank you boss man (and all the bossmans who have come before and those who will come next). I will pray to god that my good fortune with respect to awesome bosses continues for the rest of my professional life.



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