Adipurush — Teaser — CGI that Falls Short

from imdb

At some point, Indian directors have to accept that we don’t have the budget or companies like Industrial Light & Magic to deliver the kind of effects their imagination demands.

I did not know much about Prabhas until one of my clients forced me to watch Baahubali 2. Since then, I have watched Baahubali movies and Saaho like dozens of times.

I totally watched, got bored and never watched Radhe Shyam again.

Today, we got the teaser for the new Adipurush movie. You look at the poster and the general talk around the movie, they kept using the word, ‘motion capture’.

They kept saying, motion capture. Every time.


Then, you cannot do motion capture with Indian movie budgets. It’s not possible and it’s not practical. You look at the blockbuster movies: Baahubali, RRR and KGF Chapter 2, they depend more on practical effects.

It works. Indian movies do stuff for real, and that is good for us.

Here, it’s obvious that, to pull of the monkey scenes, the director should have access to the technology from the Planet of the Apes movies.

We don’t have that man.

I would have totally enjoyed an old school, shot on location, movie about Ramayana.

In 3 months, there is no way, they can brush up or fix the special effects. This is what it will be.

Once again, as a Prabhas fan, now, I wait for Salaar, then.

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