Ah! my first 1K views video on YouTube Channel


such an amazing movie. watch it here.

So, I started a new YouTube Channel. My 2nd channel. The first one was started many years ago, and that is about coding tutoring.

Anyway, this post is about the movie YouTube Channel. Since the channel is new, I am reviewing movies that were released several months or years ago but are still very much in the news. Of course, I am also reviewing movies that are new every friday by watching them at the nearest multiplex.

So, most of my videos are getting about 10 to 100 views, but not more than that. However, for some reason, one particular review has just crossed 1000 views.

I am sure, it is a very silly thing to get happy about. But, none of my videos on either of my channels have crossed 1K. So for me, this is a happy moment.

I wonder if this will cross 10K views. Man, that would be awesome. I am really looking forward to becoming like a cool movie review related content YouTuber and this is seriously motivating me.

Thanks for watching and subscribing to my YouTube Channel guys.

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