Avatar: The Way of Water — I Thought It was VaporWare

some kind of a water war, I think. source.

As a big time movie guy, I love James Cameron.

Terminator 1 and 2. True Lies. Titanic. Aliens.

This dude knows how to make blockbuster movies that are the perfect blend of science fiction and family friendly and make even complex things palatable.

When the first trailer for Avatar dropped, I remember being so pumped. It was a long trailer, like 3 minutes plus. I would watch it again and again. I was filled with wonder. I mean, the entire movie is filled with characters and an entire world that is mostly computer generated.

Yet, it all looks so natural. I would drag anybody and everybody to sit through the 3 minute trailer.

Later, when the movie released, I would drag anybody and everybody to the movie theater and make them watch the movie with me. Avatar is the only movie, that I watched, back to back, twice, on opening day, in the same theatre and in the same seat, to boot!

I am just crazy that way.

I booked tickets weeks in advance. I was so sure that the movie will be awesome that I was willing to watch it twice, on opening day. I was right. Over the next few weeks, it became a ritual for me. To watch Avatar movie, almost every week. I even dragged my then girlfriend to Avatar, twice!

I don’t know if she came with me because she also enjoyed. Or, it was one of those things that girlfriends do, for the sake of their boyfriends.

Other times, if no one else would come along, I would just go and watch it alone by myself. Just get lost in the world of Pandora. Especially in 3D. In 2009, my eye sight was still good and I did not have to wear glasses.

Good times.

Of course, Cameron has been talking about the sequels for years now. Apparently, he is going to make 3 sequels, I think. I don’t know. This week, a short trailer showed up for the first sequel, The Way of Water.

I haven’t watched the trailer.

Lately, I have been making a point of not watching movie trailers for movies that I know I will watch anyway. I haven’t watched the new Thor trailer or the new Jurassic World Dominion trailer and many of the block buster movie trailers.

Perhaps Jake’s Daughter.

I am sure the movies will themselves be good. I am sure I will watch them many times. I am no longer young, so, I dont think I can watch the movie back to back like I did back in 2009. I will probably watch it many times, for sure.

Cameron is the only director who does justice to 3D. Most of hollywood directors do cheap, converted 3D. Cameron does actual 3D. So, yes, I will watch it many times just for the authentic 3D experience.

I am also sure, I will be dragging whoever I am dating at the time of the movie release, multiple times.

Good times. There will be good times again.

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