Being the Ricardos on Prime Video — Should Have Been Snappier

some odd make up thing going on. source.

Thanks to my extensive watching and reading about entertainment, I have bumped into Lucille Ball once in a while. I vaguely remember that she was a huge deal in the 50s and 60s and such. It was only after I started watching this movie, did I realize, this movie is about her.

As always, my complaints stem from the lack of budget for streaming movies. The scale of the movie is really small. The set pieces and locations are limited to the studio and the house. That’s it! Everything looks so small and limited. It’s like playing the first few tutorial levels of a massive real time strategy game.

In the game, you tolerate with it because, you need to learn the ropes before jumping into the massiveness. Here, you are stuck with the minimalism, but its not in a good way. I am not even sure if I can complain about the small scale.

Yet, I am paying customer so I suppose I can complain.

I read about Lucille Ball after watching the movie, and I realized that this woman is something of a legend. A legend like this deserves a better, bigger movie. The acting is good, but, something about Kidman’s appearance kept putting me off. I think they have tried some kind of make up or special effect, to make her look more like the real person.

It simply comes off like they have photo shopped her throughout the entire movie. The makeup and Photoshop is uneven, so, i kept getting distracted as the scenes changed.

Rather than pulling me in, it kept putting me off. Non linear story telling is good, but only if you can present which year or decade something is happening with proper visual cues. The transitions happen without much warning and the actors look the same whether they are supposed to be in their 20s or 50s. It’s a bizarre approach. The lighting does not change nor the set.

Look at ‘Watchmen’ for a proper way to do flashbacks and passed of decades. Now, that movie had fantastic attention to detail.

Given that the movie seems to be going for ‘women power’ type of effect, why does it focus so much on Lucille Ball trying to save her marriage over everything else? If that is what was really the case, I suppose that is just how the true story went. However, I have a feeling that, Lucille Ball also did great as a owner of a studio. She clearly seems to fantastic at building a business, brand management and managing her own affairs.

It would have been nice if the movie focused on those things, rather than making everything about her saving her marriage.

Obviously, like so many other movies which are ‘women power’ this movie also has men, every man, who is either an idiot or arrogant or dumb or cheater or womanizer or some combination of all this. I get it. Men suck.

At this point, I am used to it.

Why not make 90 % men pathetic and 10% men good. Please don’t tell me that there was not one good ‘man’ in the entire story which is based on real life.

Final Note

could have been a better movie.

Nicole Kidman might have felt playing the role of another actress who kept her career alive after her 40s would be a nice reflection of her own success. Kidman is in her 50s and she still shows up in good movies and TV shows.

But, the lack of a proper budget, and scale and ambition, seems to have let down the original goal behind this movie. This movie should have been more exciting.

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