Bought CyberPunk — Again — After Earlier Refund

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Earlier today I got an email from There was exclusive discount available for my account. I was waiting for a price drop before buying Cyberpunk 2077. Looks like it is now happening. Exclusive discounts are usually followed up with a general discount offering on the GOG store.

I already had credits in my GOG wallet. The same money that was refunded when I asked GOG to refund my Cyberpunk pre-order, last year. [Read — Cyberpunk 2077 — Refund Mess and Current Gen Perspective]

Why Now?

I have been telling myself that I will eventually play Cyberpunk 2077. The concept is so unique. The last time I feel like we had a real cyberpunk experience was Deus Ex, from 1999 or something. That was more noir but it felt like cyberpunk to me.

From the sound of it and everything that I have heard from twitch gamers and youtubers and gaming news outlets and friends on the xbox friend list, the game has some problems.

My own belief is, much of the game issues stems from their ‘game streaming’ technology that renders the game. Looking at their patch updates, apologies and all that, the culprit seems to be the HDD speed. There appears to be less issues when an SSD is involved. In consoles, current gen have far less issues than previous gen. Current gen consoles, of course, are powered by top of the line SSD.

I am pretty sure, every serious PC player is currently using an SSD for game installations.

Patch 1.2

There is also news about Patch 1.2. It seems to have some major updates.

Final Note

Ultimately, after years of hype, and now, months of awareness about the game state, my expectations are very much on the lower side.

Technical issues aside, the game, by definition seems to have issues with story telling, narration and NPC interaction.

The game cost me 34 $. You spend that on pizza and coffee or some book that you would never read. It’s a risk worth taking, now.

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