Candyman on Prime Video — Monsters On Both Sides

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I have never been a big fan of the slasher genre. I remember watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), like, back when I still very young. I ended up enjoying only the scenes where Jessica Beil was running around with that midriff baring top. That’s about it. Everything else was boring.

Over the years, I have tried to watch and get thrilled, but, each time, I just don’t like these movies. I tried watching, Halloween, that came a few years ago. Nothing, even though it had like top ratings and was a blockbuster. The guy with the blades and the burnt face guy from A Nightmare on Elm Street. I did not enjoy that either.

I liked Psycho, but, that was mostly because, it was more of a mystery than a slasher. The slashing was minimal in that one.

I am simply not the slasher genre guy. When I was younger, I could tolerate them, because of all the young women running around in minimal clothing. Now, that no longer helps.

However, Candyman is interesting for a few reasons. For one thing, it is one of the few movies. Or, the only movie, where a black person is the outright villain. Thanks to my constant exposure to the west, and being born in the lower caste community in India, I know a thing or two about the treatment the lower classes get from the upper classes.

This means, modern media will do what it can to avoid making a person from lower class, become the villain. This movie surprised me. I have not seen any of the older Candyman movies. I simply assumed that the killing entity will be another white man.

Or, a white woman.

Now, the producer and write of this movie is Peele. I have seen movies from this guy, especially, Get Out. Also, a lot of his comedy skits are about race relations in USA. So, it was a given that this movie will shed some light on the way black people are treated, have been treated in the past. For instance, I discovered that, a black man was dragged through the streets, and killed.

This happened in the 1990s!

The movie takes the concept of Candyman, who was one vengeful ghost, and turns it into some kind of a never-ending, energy feeding soul that ‘sometimes’ goes after the people who wronged these souls. However, it is not like this being is the good guy. At one point, the reborn and recharged ghoul kills innocent teenagers of both races, simply for summoning it.

Evil for the sake of evil is still present here. You cannot simply align with the ghost, thinking that it is executing revenge and revenge alone. Other times, it is simply killing people to spread it’s legend and sparing only for the sake of publicity. Ultimately, the goal is to kill people and keep itself alive.

Final Note

I like this actor. He was good in Aquaman

The movie looks good. It’s shot well. The special effects are extremely well done. More importantly, I like the lead actor. He made a great villain in Aquaman and his transformation to the main villain is really well done.

I did not enjoy the slasher portion of the movie. However, the race relations aspect of the story is what was engaging for me.

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