Deep Water on Prime Video — Ana de Armas Hotness Edited Into Boredom

What happened. This movie is so boring. source

The director of this movie is Adrian Lyne. This is guy who has made such classics like Unfaithful, with the fantastic murder mystery and those incredible sex scenes featuring the always hot Diane Lane.

Still though, my expectations were on the lower side. I mean, in the current climate it’s impossible to make erotic movies. You put too much nudity and sex content, people wont like it. You cannot have too much blood also. More importantly, both of these things — sex and blood — have found their place in TV shows where it is cheaper and less risky.

Lastly, the guy is coming out of retirement after almost 17 years or so. A blade gets dull when it is not sharpened.

All of this shows in this feature. I mean, how do you make the super hot Ana de Armas boring and dull?

If anybody is reading, I strongly recommend that you watch ‘Knock Knock’. It has a better story, acting and more sex and nudity.

No Mystery No Chill Effect

they have no chemistry man. The age gap is not helping.

I like this director. I like both the actors. Ben Affleck is one of my favorite Batman, and Armas is super hot.

But, for almost 2 hours, I kept waiting for something to happen. I know these movies. They have to build the characters and show the neighborhood. That takes some time. I get it.

But, where is the payoff? There is no payoff. The editing ruins what little movie is left, despite the length of the movie. I have so many questions?

  1. Why does the movie make me look up online to understand the basic premise of the movie? I mean, apparently, the movie is about this couple who are in an open relationship because for some reason, the guy is against divorce. You see, the movie never makes this clear.
  2. Why does the wife character have to flaunt the openness of the marriage like that? She’s got a great deal. She has a loving husband, a child and tons of money and gets to hook up with tons of men. Why not keep it on the down low? Now, if the story could lead this behavior as part of the murders, that would have made sense. Perhaps, it was revealed, that she was feeding these men as a supply to her husband for murder lust. That would be a good story.
  3. The guy is probably married to her for 8 years. So, she must have been cuckolding him for years. Why the rage now? Why start the killings now? What was the tipping point?
  4. Also, what is the deal with the snail museum? I kept thinking, that is where he hides all those hundreds of dead wife’s boyfriends. But no. It’s simply a man cave for a bored guy.
  5. Also, why wont he go out and bone some women as well. Balance out the open marriage? He’s hot and he is rich.
  6. And, the ending. The movie just ends. It just ends. Literally just ends, after a comedic bike versus car chase. That car driving off a cliff…is that a comedy? I started laughing with the way the guy was driving and hamming it up inside the car. That was so unintentionally funny.

Final Note

how can you make this beauty boring?

I don’t know why this movie was made. It adds nothing to nobody.

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