Everybody I know Works 50 to 70 hours Per Week

Photo by Vijayasimha BR on Unsplash

People are always working. all the time. What, really, is their motivation, I sometimes wonder.

Every night, I am usually done with my dinner at 10 PM. Then, I just go to sleep. Next day, depending on whether there is a client call or not, I either wake up at 7 AM or at 10 AM. That means, on an average, I sleep for about 10 hours every week.

On top of that, I don’t forget to catch afternoon naps, which are usually about 4 hours. My now separated but still legally my wife, found it amusing that I would tell people that I took a ‘short’ 4 hour nap.

Once I hit my quota of 20 hours of work every week, I beg my clients not to give me more work. I refuse to seek new clients, always coming up with creative excuses as to why I cannot work for them.

There is a grocer near my serviced apartment.

Occasionally, I get up early, like 7 AM. That grocery store is open. Then, sometimes, I am up till 11 PM. That guy is still open. He is working when I get up at 11 AM. He is still working when I wake up at 7 PM after one of my ‘short’ naps.

He is working all the time.

The service apartment building manager is also the same.

He gets up early. He has to manage all these houses. Guests come for check in, day or night or mid night, weekday or weekends. He is up and running. Doing the work.

My colleagues from my engineering and MBA days, also work a lot. 50 to 60 to 70 hours.

A quick commute on any given day takes anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours. Morning and Evening, that’s almost 2 hours to 6 hours, that people spend in commute alone. The dust, the pollution, the vehicle chugging and shaking and the sounds from every other direction.

Then, the rains and the weather and the heat and the sun.

When I was only 6 or 8 years old, I would stop writing my exam because I would get bored. I knew the answers. Yet, I would refuse to write any more. I was unable to find a motivation to put more effort. I knew, I had written enough to pass, and, that was enough for me.

I am in Grade 3. I have written enough, to pass the exam, and go to Grade 4. Why should I put any more effort than that?

Growing up, during my engineering days, despite being a skilled programmer who aced in all computer exams, I never applied for a single job of placement. For whatever reason, I did not wish to work. No amount of placement ‘sessions and ‘salary’ related motivation would budge me.

All my classmates thought I was a total loser, and that is why I am not getting placed. I was more than happy to let them think, that, yes, I am in fact a loser. I was cool with that.

I have always been a loser, and I was okay, being called out on that.

Now, I am a freelancer, a career with no guarantees of any sort. Yet, I push on. Living on the edge of a wire, every week, every month without any knowledge as to when and how my next payment will come. With no plans to try something else.

The mysteries of work life and the need for more money will always elude me.

If I haven’t found the answer by now, in my late 30s, I suppose, I never will.

I work as a full-time freelance coding tutor. Hire me at UpWork or Fiverr or Stack Overflow. My personal website is here. Find more of my art at Behance and Unsplash. Also, I have a Podcast about everyday life. And, a 2nd Podcast, where I talk about freelancing.



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