Godzilla vs. Kong on Prime Video — Orgasmic Kaiju Battles

Alpha Versus Alpha. source.

I have always been a huge fan of Kaiju movies. Especially the ones that are made by Hollywood. I think, this is the reason, why, I love the Transformer series (only the first 3 movies) by Michael Bay. Huge, massive monster things battling out making humans look puny and insignificant.

Yes, I love these movies by definition.

I still remember, traveling all the way to Hyderabad years ago, just to watch ‘Pacific Rim’ in an IMAX Screen. The experience was almost like a trance for me.

At the same time, there are certain expectations from a Kaiju movie. Which is why, I was less than enchanted when I watched the previous Godzilla movie.

Fortunately for all of us Kaiju fans here, WB, despite its erratic movie making habits (I am looking at the mess that is DCEU, and Fantastic Beast series), does in fact listen to its fans.

I am happy to report that Godzilla vs. Kong comes close to replicating the enjoyment that is Pacific Rim and Kong: Skull Island.

Spoilers Ahead!

Minimal Human Non-Sense

He looks pissed!

The most important problem with the very first Godzilla (2014) and it’s sequel, King of Monsters, is the extreme focus on humans.

Of course. You must spend some time with the humans. You cannot have monsters battling it out for 2 hours. The first godzila in particular would constantly cut off from Godzilla. I think, the actual Godzilla was on the screen for like 3 minutes. I think, it was 2.

They sort of fixed that issue in the sequel, but, they messed up by spending too much time on this weird family drama.

Luckily for all of us, those problems were already fixed in Kong: Skull Island (now, that, is an amazing movie). Now, once again, we no longer have to spend too much time with some family drama. Separated couple, child of divorce…I mean, I dont want that.

So, thank god, we dont have that. However, there is still an entire plot about this ‘podcast’ conspiracy gang. You could cut that entire podcast arc out of the movie, and it wont change a thing about the movie. The podcast arc provides some lame jokes, and pop culture references.

At least it’s not family drama.

I will take lame jokes any day over poorly developed family drama about an evil mom accelerating the end of world with her poorly mapped out diabolical plans.

Awesome Battles — Oh yes!

Kong has grown. Older. Wiser. Brutal as ever.

Oh, what can I say about the Kaiju battles? They are amazing. I have not been thrilled and ecstacized like this in a long time. Skull Island did it to some extent, but otherwise, Pacific Rim and the first three Transformer movies are the only ones that come close to this level of awesomeness.

It is truly sad that I have decided to avoid going to the movie theatres. I might end up building a home theatre at my home, but I doubt if I will be going to theatres again. This is a movie that was made for the big screen and 3D (even if the 3D is a converted 3D thing. Nobody shoots in actual 3D these days).

I am a particular fan of the opening scene where Kong goes through his morning routine. It reminded me of myself. Uncultured, just minding his own business and not happy with the system that encircles him. Of course, the parellals with an actual human (man or woman) is not accidental. Kong here is essentially John Wick or the T-800 from Terminator 2 or Wolverine from Logan.

Driven with some of his own core values, but also, animalistic and pushed on with basic instinct. There is also a child involved, which is a nice touch. Kong is mute, the child is mute, makes so much sense in the context.

Godzilla, on the other hand, looks far more like a predator than ever before. Godzilla always seemed like he knew more than he was letting on. You dont become a top level alpha predator without some cool level of intelligence. He is almost like a honorable warrior from those old timey Arthur Legends. He respects a defeated foe and wont go for the kill unless necessary.

He is like Superman. Or, a non murderous Thanos.

The special effects are top notch, and the music is real killer. The action scenes are paced out nicely. The story switches to more colourful characters more often than before. Everybody seems to be aware that they are in a movie about giant monsters, and chews as much scenery as possible.

I want to add that I am surpised, in a good way, with Alexander Skarsgård’s turn in the movie. I remember watching him in many movies, and I keep thinking, why does he keep getting work? Like that Tarzan movie where he is beefed up like there is no tomorrow and seems to have the same singular expression in all the movies.

Here, he has a nice, well developed character and he acts the hell out.

Final Note

Godzilla’s Blast Powers. Oh boy!

When you look at all the big movie studios — Disney, Fox, Universal…I like Warner Bros the most. They make batman movies, obviously. At the same time, Warner Bros seems to the more ‘auteur’ and risk taking studios of all current studios.

I really hope WB and Nolan patch up their differences.

They will shit out bad movies like Godzilla and King of Monsters (and the horrible Fantastic Beast movies, god, why are they still making them?). Then, they make incredible movies like Godzilla Versus Kong.

I love WB. Love this movie.

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