Google and Terraria — Account Situation

Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

At the time of this writing, there is a huge spat going on between Terraria and Google.

The summary is that, for unknown reasons, Google has blocked the Terraria guy’s Google account. He’s been locked out for weeks now. So far, he has been unable to get his account.

For me, this is a nightmare scenario that this guy is living out. The issue with ‘free’ services like Google. This is another reason why I use a paid email service for my business things, and have as many backup accounts as possible, from multiple providers. Divide the risk across multiple accounts.

The issue is present in almost every online service we use. For instance, Uber which operates a taxi service, and has real chances of things going bad, does not actually have a customer care number. Even money and financial apps like Paytm, don't have customer care number.

These companies maintain this long gap between customers and themselves, its crazy.

I really hope this guy gets his account back, and hopefully, he will start disconnecting his services from this one single google account.

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