I am also not that curious about Windows 11

my own photo of my desktop

Yes, a new version of windows is around the corner. I am part of the windows insider newsletter. I got the email about the preview version. Got the notification on my desktop about the upcoming edition.

For some time now, OS updates have rarely excited me. That includes updates to Mac OS as well. Since buying my first Mac in 2017, Apple has pushed out three new versions of its OS. But, I cannot name a single new thing that changed the way I work. All Macs have looked and behaved the same since 2017.

Everything That Has To Be Invented Has Been Invented

A fun silly movie. source

There is this old movie. Around the world in 80 days. In that, the director of some English science club or something. He keeps saying that, science has achieved its pinnacle. There is nothing new to invent.

The last decade has become like that for technology. When I held my first smartphone, I was really impressed. It was a basic, Lumia 510. That was the last time any hardware or software really impressed me. Blow my pants off, kind of deal.

Around the same time, I got excited for Windows 8. I went to the extent of buying a Windows 8 table, yeah. Later, I even invested in a Surface Pro. Both purchases were a stupid waste of money due to lack of a proper support and a long term plan by Microsoft.

In both cases, the hardware was great. Windows 8 and Windows 10, not so much. I never miss a chance to praise Microsoft. At any given point of time, 50% to 80 % of my income is derived from working on MS technologies. Credit where it’s due. Blame, of course, also has to be placed where it is due.

Operating Systems Only Matter to Monopolies, not Technology

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

As a developer I feel like, the current operating systems only exist because of the walls the corporations built around them. Android does not drive it’s own adoption. The tight integration with Google services is what really forces people to use Android. If tomorrow, an alternative to google search should arrive, the demise of Android will not be far behind.

Right now, both my windows desktop and iMac, are ageing. I will need to replace them both soon. The only reason why I might consider buying the next windows is because

a. I need to game. I still cannot aim properly with a gamepad. Also, I love Sim City, Surviving on Mars and similar mouse heavy games.

b. Visual Studio is only available on Windows. I also use VS Code and VS on Mac, but Visual Studio continues to be the fastest, most efficient way to code for me, and my clients love it too.

If I stop gaming (the current graphics card shortage and insane prices are making me think about going away from gaming), then, I have no need for windows.

If Microsoft releases visual studio for Mac which is just as powerful as the one on Windows, I have no need for windows. The current visual studio on Mac, is simply a reskin of the old Xamarin Studio. Xamarin Studio is good but I would rather just code on VS Code on Mac instead of wasting my time with VS Studio on Mac.

Instead of buying a Windows and Mac computer, I could just buy one powerful iMac and be done with it. Bye bye Windows.

Final Note

I am sure, at some level, Microsoft also knows that windows is no longer a big deal. I feel like the marketing and buzz around Windows 11 is low key. A email here, a notification there.

I actually thought, the next edition will be called ‘Windows’ and that would be the end of the story. Get rid of the whole number thing altogether.

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