I Returned To The Multiplex This Week

an old photo from my photo archives.

This week, after much trepidation, I decided to check out a movie multiplex. I have been putting off going to the multiplex for almost 2 years now. A few things were a factor in making me finally brave the movie theater.

The primary motivation was the box office numbers of the new Spiderman movie. Clearly, people are going and watching movies. So, perhaps, may be, it is safe to go to movies again. It’s not the most logical reason to come up with, but there you have it.

Another reason is, I am fully vaccinated. So, that must keep me safe. Hopefully. One more reason, is that the movie theaters, apparently, have installed better air flow systems. So, it reduces the possibility of the air getting boxed in in a close space.

Also, a lot of times, I am inevitably boxed in a room anyway. For instance, you take the metro, you are in an enclosed space and with a crowd to go with it. Or, you take the bus, sometimes, the only option, is an air conditioned bus. Again, air is boxed in, and with a crowd.

I keep thinking, if I were to be infected, and killed, I would be probably be dead by now. So, may be, after 2 years, I have some immunity and it’s time to check out the cinemas.

The experience was exactly like it was before.

Sure, they check temperature and you have to wear masks. However, you can buy food, so, if you have food in your hand, you are not wearing a mask. So, there is that. Also, if things were slow before, with ads and previews and more ads, now, with reduced footfalls, there are even more ads and even more commercials.

Final Note

All said and done, I will stick to watching and getting my entertainment fix on streaming. I will make exceptions for an occasional movie once in a while.

Pandemic or Not, theaters have ruined the joy of watching movies with endless commercials, cramped chairs, smaller screens and overpriced food.

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