intel NUC i3 and Gaming — Fortnite and Surviving Mars

i3 can survive mars after all.

This tiny palm sized box can actually run games.

This last week, I have been using the i3 for my tutoring work. It’s surprisingly powerful considering it’s a 10th gen edition, and its a tiny PC. Of course, I have added 32 GB of RAM and a super fast M2 SSD. These things are definitely helping.

Yet, I am constantly reminded that this is an i3 computer in a tiny enclosure, no larger than my wallet. I am very impressed. Then, I figured, why not run a few basic games.

For this purpose, I decided to go with two games.


it’s all blocky, but, I am getting 30 to 40 FPS, which is okay.

Surviving Mars

following this drone. again, looks playable. 30 to 40 FPS

Obviously, we are using an onboard GPU here. and there is no dedicated video memory. I decided to put the resolution at 1080p, which is my current monitor. My 2K monitor is still in storage.

I tweaked around the settings for the both the game, and, it’s playable. I played one match on Fortnite. And I played for a few minutes with Surviving Mars. There are dropped frames, and anti aliasing has to be reduced or turned off.

Yet, it was good enough. I still have my Xbox and god willing, my RTX will be back to normal after repairs, but meanwhile, I can use this i3 for some emergency gaming, no problem.

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