KGF Chapter 2: Epic mba lesson about Project Management and Inspired Leadership

Where does he get those awesome clothes?

Rocky Bhai, a meritocratic industry outsider, replaces top management, eliminates outdated labor management practices, outwits competitors to establish monopoly, motivate employees with sheer charisma and finally, finishes the project ahead of schedule.

When the story starts, we see a parade of old school top-level heads make a beeline towards the main office. They assume that their agent of change has done his job and is now ready to handover the keys. What they don’t realize is that their way of thinking and managing things are no longer relevant.

The new CEO does not believe in nepotism or favoritism. He has come here on his own prowess and incredible skills, and he has taken over the head chair. While the old guys understand and accept the transition, one young nepotism influenced naive manager is still stuck in the past.


Rocky Bhai re-establishes authority by simply firing the fool in front of everybody, leaving no doubt that, change, has come, to stay.

Clear Vision Limitless Imagination

Rocky Bhai leads by example. Seen here, on the ground, recovery his assets that were taken from him.

Almost immediately Rocky Bhai establishes his vision. He wishes to finish the project, not on time. Rather, he wishes to finish the project that was expected to go on for centuries, in less than a decade.

The problem is, the left-over middle management (others have been fired for refusing to comply), don’t seem to understand this new vision. Nevertheless, we the story viewers, are aware on some level, what he plans to do.

Irrespective of whether the rest of the players understand his intentions or not, he takes care of a few things, right away.

  1. He decides to recruit the fantastically loyal and efficient COO of the previous management.
  2. He also decides to totally revamp the labor practices. employees are no longer required to wear chains when they work, and they are allowed to pray. They are also provided with free healthcare and food and shelter. Children are free to play and roam around, and women no longer have to worry about being abused or fooled around with.
  3. Initiates a training program to allow youth to reach their potential.

With the basics taken care of, he sets off to achieve the target with a gusto that only he seems to have. With income levels soaring, he decides to invest in new equipment, while stepping up recruitment of new employees and manpower.

While these things are happening, he understands that his innovative style of management and obvious charisma is an inspiration for his followers, but a danger for everybody else in the world.

A Worthy Opponent: Adheera

He understands what happens to people like him, so, he starts making his moves, whilst also preparing for the moves of the opposition. This is where he encounters, the big bad.

Adheera, a seasoned manager himself, who knows the game and the territory.

Adheera lays a trap, and the inexperienced Rocky Bhai falls for it.

Adheera, a feared, seasoned professional who has toppled many upstarts like Rocky Bhai.

Of course, innovation is no match for experience. Rocky Bhai is a smart cookie, but, at the end, he is only human. But of course, these are macho men, who live and die by the sword, and their own interpretation of honor.

Instead of doing the obvious thing and remove Rocky Bhai from office, Adheera spares him. Hindsight is 20/20, and this is an obvious mistake. However, in the context of where these two characters live and breathe, it is not unusual for two warriors to respect each other.

Adheera begins his campaign to restore things to how they were. It appears that he is successful. As Rocky Bhai lies in his bed, weak from defeat and recovering, Adheer’s own well trained army of lieutenants go after Rocky Bhai’s network of operatives.

But of course, Rocky Bhai, inexperienced as he is, anticipated a scenario exactly like this, and many more to come. He initiates the response plan. He learns quickly and realizes that in order to fight back, he needs to upgrade his defense systems, and he proceeds to do just that.

Once fully recovered, Rocky Bhai, sets up his own trap. Adheera, perhaps weakened by age or never having experienced such moves, is taken by surprise. Adheera is wounded and is forced to watch helplessly as the young man completely obliterates his team.

Once again, we are back to honor before reason. The young CEO respects his opponent's bravery and skill. There is also the minor matter of returning the favor of letting him retreat in defeat, just like he was allowed to, previously.

Adheera takes up on this offer, retreats in defeat and shame. Live today. Fight tomorrow, as they say.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Preparing for the End.

an old adage goes on to say that you should know when to quit. Perhaps, this was always the plan. A graceful exit once the goal is achieved. Unfortunately, for Rocky Bhai, his act of honor and generosity is not reciprocated by his competitors.

Adheera, having given up on the warrior code, decides to attack from the back. A massive climatic battle ensues. Despite some initial setbacks, and major employee losses, Rocky Bhai, eventually achieves victory.

He finishes off Adheera, once and for all.

This victory comes at a heavy price, which accelerates his exit plan. We, as the story viewers, will never know if this was always the plan. Or, perhaps, the loss of a loved one, led to a modification of the original plan.

always with the super cool poses.

Having already secured the future of all his employees, his other family, which still survives, Rocky Bhai decides to go out in style, fulfilling his original mission, and becomes one, with the sea.

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