Kimi on Prime Video — Just A Terrible Terrible Something

I like Kravitz. Not here though. source.

I had reasonable hopes for this one. Zoe Kravitz is a good actress. I am looking forward to see her as catwoman. Steven Soderbergh is one of those ‘experimental’ directors. He is the director behind the incredibly fun Oceans Trilogy.

But, he is constantly experimenting. This is another experiment. A failed one, I conclude.

Almost immediately, you know this is going for some kind of a vibe and feel that we already experienced with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movies. Either the original or the Hollywood remake.

Throw in a little bit of Big Tech data collection practices. Protesting and remarks about privacy and lack of it. Middle aged white, corrupt guy. Also white henchmen. Because all white men are apparently corrupt and immoral.

So are, white women! As long as they are white, they must be immoral and corrupt.

Of course, some post pandemic induced mental health issues. masking and what not.

Also, the now standard, ‘you have sex when I tell you to because you are a man, and I will treat you like dirt but you will still fall in love with me because you are pathetic…because you are a man’ characterization of a modern, independent city woman.

Also, what is with that bizarre Charlie Chaplin style, fast forwarded comedic scenes?

Final Note

no caption.

My recommendation is, if you are looking for ‘a young rebel woman who is abused sexually, and then, gets back at the evil men’ movie, just go and watch the Dragon Tattoo movies.

This could have been that, but no. I have seen better plotting, acting and mystery in any random episode of Elementary.

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